One way video interview template

Make virtual recruitment more personal at scale with pre-recorded video interviews.

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Create an asynchronous video interview that lets you get face to face with candidates and identify the best qualified applicants early on in the process.



Start the asynchronous interview by setting candidates' expectations for what’s to come.



Ask candidates about their motivation, skills, and experience. Use the open-ended answer type, with the text and audio options toggled off, so that respondents are required to submit video answers.


Follow up

Thank candidates for their time and ask them what questions they have. Use an open-ended answer type to let candidates respond via video, audio, or text.


Why should I use video for recruitment?

On-demand video interviews help you get a feel for a candidate’s soft skills—those skills candidates don’t put on their resumes. Plus, a video recording interview keeps candidates engaged, which means they’re less likely to to ghost later on.

What should I ask during the video interview?

How can I make sure candidates respond with video?

Can I sync my videoask to my Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

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